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Join us Sabbath (Saturday) morningsSouth Carroll Company
for Bible Study at 9:30 am
Worship at 11:00 am


                       "MEET PASTOR ANDRE HASTICK!"     


          South Carroll SDA Church
2020 West Liberty Rd. (Rt. 26)
          Taylorsville, MD 21157                        


Our speaker this Sabbath, November 29th, 
is Cliff Goldstein.
We will also be celebrating
Communion this Sabbath
with Donovan Kurtz.

If you are looking for a church
to worship in and celebrate Sabbath
please join us at South Carroll!

This Sabbath is our
"Take Someone Home for Sabbath Lunch".

Our next planned fellowship meal is
the first Sabbath in December.

"Dedicated to enriching the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being
of residents of southern Carroll County, Maryland."


click here for Sabbath School Bible Study Guide:
The Book of James

click here for this week's 9:30 am topic:
Faith That Works



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